Buying a car presents a lot of different questions that you will have to answer: what Audi model you want, how you will pay for it, and whether you want to buy it outright or lease it. The buy vs. lease decision is one that has troubled car-buyers for decades, with the main reason being that there is not one correct decision. Both buying and leasing have their pros and cons, but the finance experts at our Audi finance center are here to advise you on what option is right for you.

Buying a new Audi car traditionally involves borrowing money in the form of an auto loan, though some buyers can purchase a new car outright with cash. When you have an auto loan, you’ll make payment with interest over a certain period of time. When you’ve paid off the loan, you’ll become the rightful owner of the car. On the contrary, you can leasing as similar to a long-term rental. You’ll make monthly payments, but because it is technically not a loan, you will never outright own the car. When the lease period (typically 36 to 39 months) ends, you will have to return the vehicle and will have the option of leasing or buying a new one.

The main advantages of buying a car are that you actually get to own the car, buying is cheaper in the long run, and the fact that the car is yours and you can do what you want with it. On the other hand, the main advantages of leasing are that you can drive a new car every couple of years, you have lower monthly payments, and pricing is set and tax breaks are possible.

For more advice on leasing versus buying, talk to a finance professional here at Keyes Audi, near Downtown LA.

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