Although some drivers may find the notion of a vehicle that can communicate with them laughable, it’s actually not. While your car may not invite you out for a cup of coffee, your automobile is perfectly capable of relaying information to you.

One way a vehicle can communicate with a driver is through sounds. Cars make noises every day that don’t indicate there’s a problem. Hearing the tread on your tires whir as you roll down the road is perfectly normal, for example.

While some noises are to be expected whenever you’re in the driver’s seat, others may indicate your vehicle is experiencing a problem. If you hear growling or grinding coming from your wheel wells, you should make an appointment to bring your car into our Audi service center near Van Nuys, CA as soon as you can. These sounds indicate that your brake pads are completely worn and that your brakes are being damaged as a result.

If your car roars when you accelerate, you should bring your vehicle to our Los Angeles, CA Audi dealership. Roaring can be the result of a damaged exhaust system. It may also be caused by a transmission problem.

Does your car chirp or squeal when you step on the gas pedal instead of roaring? If so, one or more of your belts may be loose and slipping. Alternatively, a drive pulley on a component like your water pump might be out of alignment.

Whenever you hear an unusual noise coming from your car, it’s vital that you have it checked out. Remember – ignoring an odd sound won’t make the underlying cause go away, but it may lead to your car needing a more expensive repair.

If your car is making a strange sound, bring your automobile to Keyes Audi on Van Nuys Boulevard to have it checked out today.

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