Common Reasons Cars Make Odd Noises

Whether you drive a 2018 Audi Q7, an older Audi car, or a vehicle produced by another manufacturer, your automobile has certain parts that will get worn out over time. From your battery to your tires, brake pads, air and oil filters, light bulbs, and more, a typical vehicle has a considerable number of components that will probably need to be replaced at some point.

Luckily, your car will often make unusual sounds when a given part is worn. Your brake pads will often squeal when they need to be replaced, for example. If you wait too long to replace worn brake pads, you may hear a grinding sound emanating from your wheel wells. If this happens, you should schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle into our Audi service center near Woodland Hills, CA right away. Grinding typically means your calipers are making contact with your rotors, which can damage them.

If you notice a rumble or roar coming from somewhere beneath you when you’re in the driver’s seat, it may be a sign that you have a leak or crack in your exhaust system’s manifold. It’s imperative for you to get this fixed immediately to prevent carbon monoxide from being vented into your car’s cabin.

Does your car groan when you turn right or left? If you hear this sound and you notice your steering wheel is stiff or that it’s not as responsive as it normally is, you may have a problem with your power steering system. It’s important for you to get this checked out quickly because losing control of your car’s steering presents a serious threat to your safety and the safety of everyone sharing the road with you.

Is your car making an odd sound? If it is, bring your vehicle to Keyes Audi to have our factory-trained technicians identify and fix the problem responsible for the noise today.


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