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Do You Need to Prepare Your Car for Summer?

If you live near our Audi dealership, you may wonder if it’s really necessary for you to prepare your vehicle for summer. Since it stays pretty nice around here year-round, you may assume that you don’t need to do much when one season gives way to its successor. While you may not have to winterize your car at the end of fall as fervently as you might if you lived in a region that got colder during the winter, you do need to summerize your vehicle.

Whether you drive a 2018 Audi SUV or an older vehicle, you need to summerize your automobile. Summerizing a car simply means preparing it for the rigors of summer. Dust, heavier traffic, more hours exposed to UV rays…those are just some of the things that summer tends to bring along with its arrival.

With the roadways around LA sometimes being even more crowded during the summer than they are at other times of the year, it means you might spend more time in stop-and-go traffic. When that happens, it puts a greater strain on your brakes. Before summer arrives, you should make an appointment to bring your car to our Los Angeles, CA Audi service center to ensure your brakes are in good condition.

When our factory-trained technicians check out your brakes, they can also get you caught up with the routine maintenance your car needs if you’ve fallen behind. They can take a close look at all of your car’s mechanical components to make sure nothing is in danger of failing, too.

While we’ll take care of most of the summerizing process for you, you can still do a few things yourself. Washing and waxing your car, replacing your windshield wipers if it’s necessary, and checking your tire pressure are a few of the tasks you can handle on your own.

Do you want to know what else you can do to prep your car for summer? If so, contact Keyes Audi.


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