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An Explanation of Dashboard Warning Lights

Whether you drive a new Audi SUV or an older automobile, modern cars are made to communicate with drivers in several ways. Brake pads will often start to squeal if their thickness deteriorates below a certain point, for example.

When it comes to the interior of your vehicle, your car can communicate with you through the warning lights on its dashboard. When one of these lights is illuminated, your car is alerting you to a problem. Depending on the light that comes on, you may be able to address the problem on your own or you may need the help of a professional technician.

Here are some common warning lights, their meanings, and what you should do if they’re illuminated:

  • Door Ajar Light: When this light is on, it means one of your doors or your hood or trunk is open. If it’s not obvious which door is ajar, open and close every door, including your hood and trunk lid, and make sure they’re all secure. If this light stays on overnight, it can drain your battery.
  • Lamp Out Light: If this light comes on, you have an exterior lamp that has burned out. You should either pick up a new lamp in our Audi parts department and replace it yourself or you should bring your vehicle into our Audi service center so our factory-trained technicians can replace the light for you.
  • Brake System Light: In general, one of three problems will cause this light to come on. You may have left your parking brake on, your brake fluid might be low, or you may have a problem with your ABS. If your car has enough brake fluid, your parking brake is disengaged, and the light is still on, make an appointment to bring your vehicle into our Los Angeles, CA Audi service center as quickly as possible.

To learn more about what your dashboard warning lights mean and how you should react to them, contact Keyes Audi today!


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