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The Possible Causes of Common Car Noises

Whether you drive an Audi SUV, such as a 2017 Audi Q7 or an older model produced by another automaker, your vehicle may make an odd noise or two over the course of its lifetime. While every automobile makes a certain amount of noise on the road, you need to be leery whenever your car makes an unusual noise. You need to be even more concerned if you continue to hear the sound after you’ve already tried to get rid of the noise by cleaning your brakes or doing something else on your own.

Here are some noises that often require you to bring your car to a trained technician and their possible causes:

  • Growling: If your car growls or moans when you’re making a turn, it may be a sign that your power-steering pump is beginning to fail. If this is the case, it’s important that you bring your car into our Audi service center as quickly as possible. If your power-steering pump fails, it can create a dangerous situation because you’ll lose boost and the ability to turn properly.
  • Percussion: If you hear a percussion sound, such as rattling, pinging, or hammering, coming from under your hood, it’s usually due to problems with detonation, pre-ignition, or spark knock, any of which can do significant damage if left unfixed. If detonation is the problem, for instance, it can destroy your pistons. Percussion noises related to the problems listed above generally occur when you’re accelerating or when your engine is under load.
  • Knocking: If you hear a light knocking that resembles a clattering which increases in concert with your RPM, it may be a sign that an engine lifter isn’t pumping or your valve clearances need attention. While this noise isn’t necessarily a sign of imminent death for your engine, you should still have one of our factory-trained technicians fix the underlying cause sooner rather than later. If your engine is making a knocking sound that’s more like hammering than clattering, you may have a bad rod bearing or, even worse, your engine may have spun a bearing. Either way, you’ll need to make an appointment with our Los Angeles, CA Audi service center so we can fix the problem for you.

Whenever you hear an unusual sound coming from your car, visit Keyes Audi. Our factory-trained technicians will diagnose the cause of the noise and fix the underlying problem for you. Give us a call, contact us online, or stop by Keyes Audi to schedule your next service appointment now.


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