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Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Breakdowns on the Road

It doesn’t matter if you drive a 2017 Audi vehicle like the 2017 Audi Q7, an older Audi model, or a car manufactured by another automaker. One of the most effective ways to avoid breaking down on the road is maintaining your vehicle properly.

According to AAA, millions of roadside breakdowns can be avoided every year if motorists simply adhere to their routine maintenance schedule. While that may be the case, AAA also states that approximately 35 percent of Americans have either skipped or put off having their automobiles serviced or repaired even though their owner’s manual or a mechanic has advised them to bring their car into a service center. AAA goes on to suggest that drivers could save an average of $100 per service appointment by maintaining their cars the right way.

AAA says that the top three reasons it receives calls for roadside assistance are battery failure, flat tires, and keys being locked inside an automobile. To avoid these problems, follow this advice:

  • Battery Failure: A recent survey shows that two-thirds of Americans have never tested their car’s battery before it fails to start – don’t be one of them! Car batteries generally last between three and five years. With this in mind, everyone at our Audi dealership near Woodland Hills, CA recommends that you have your battery tested when it turns three years-old and at least once per year thereafter.
  • Flat Tires: Around 60 percent of drivers in the United States fail to check their tire pressure regularly. To avoid flat tires, it’s important to check your tire pressure as well as your tread at least once per month. If you’re unsure what your tire pressure should be, you’re worried about your tread depth (or lack thereof), or you’ve noticed an unusual wear pattern on your tires, make an appointment to bring your car to our Los Angeles, CA Audi dealership so our factory-trained technicians can help.
  • Lockouts: While we can help with battery and tire issues, there’s not a lot we can do when it comes to you being locked out of your car. The best advice you can follow to avoid getting locked out is to travel with two sets of car keys stowed in separate places.

Avoid the most common pitfalls that cause motorists to call for roadside assistance by bringing your car into our Audi service center whenever it needs routine maintenance or a repair. If your vehicle is due for a service appointment, contact Keyes Audi to make one today.


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