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Popular Science Honors Audi Virtual Cockpit and MMI

Audi’s “Truth in Engineering” advertising phrase is meant to deliver a powerful message to potential buyers. The automaker’s commitment to technically advanced components designed to provide the ultimate in driving experience is what sets this line of vehicles apart from the rest. One of the most innovative engineering advancements developed by Audi is the revolutionary new driver information system, and Popular Science has recently handed the company a bouquet in the form of a prestigious award.
Popular Science has named the new Audi cockpit the “Product of the Future.” The recognition is for the all-in-one cockpit and MMI terminal, now available on several models. What makes this engineering accomplishment so remarkable is the integrated design, most of which is hands-free. Popular Science magazine regards this new cockpit system as the most important safety feature of its kind because drivers will experience far less distraction while on the road.
The Audi Virtual Cockpit
The new digital dashboard is centered on the driver side of the dash console, squarely behind the steering wheel. The technology involved is comprehensive, with drivers able to operate most of the functions by voice, by pressing on steering wheel-mounted controls, or by programming the interface screen with a few touches prior to heading out on the road.
The screen measures 12.3 inches diagonally, so there’s no eye straining required to view the information. The graphic display presents certain imagery in stunning 3-D clarity, and the built-in Tegra processor creates lightning-fast response to driver input.
The Audi MMI system allows all Internet connections to link directly to the view screen. The equipped vehicles are themselves mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, and the information package comes with a full complement of network apps such as streaming audio and video.
Available in the Q7 and TT Models
Currently, the new information system and virtual cockpit are available only in the Q7 crossover SUV and the TT coupe. Audi has already announced plans to include the new system in several other models over the next one or two years.
The Q7 model already has an advanced smartphone interface that makes it possible for drivers to connect with iOS or Android. This allows for complete navigation service from a variety of providers. Drivers can pre-program route information, daily calendar of events, and more. The available entertainment for the rear seating area can also be controlled with the MMI monitor.
Positive Reviews at The CES
At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, thousands of innovative devices are examined by consumers, critics, and automobile technology gurus. Only a handful of these devices are chosen by Popular Mechanics as true enhancements that will likely change the way people use electronics in the future. The honor bestowed on Audi by the prestigious science magazine is quite distinctive, and it sends a signal to other competing automakers that the future of driving is on display today.
Audi has a long history of innovative designs to make driving a more enjoyable experience. Safety has always been a top priority, and using the latest in software development in combination with advanced communications technology is one of the company’s basic principles so far as comfort and security are concerned. The positive reviews and glamorous positive criticism of the new virtual cockpit sends a clear message to consumers. Audi remains at the forefront of design advancements.
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