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Audi A3, S3 Sedans Take Highest Safety Awards

Audi has been a longtime leader in the automotive manufacturing industry, maintaining impeccable quality in both the performance and craftsmanship of their vehicles for decades. They have entered into the new year as strong as they have ever been, bringing home extremely high ratings for safety in a number of their newest releases. The Audi A3 and S3 sedans have been given excellent safety ratings that add to the list of their other impressive features for drivers. The exquisite combination of style, luxury, and safety that Audi brings to the table in their newest designs is sure to spell out a good year for this leading manufacturer of fine automobiles.

The facts laid out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) make the quality of these vehicles clear. The overall crash safety rating for both of these Audi vehicles was an impressive five stars. There are a number of unique design features and technological innovations that have gone into the success of these offerings. Once testing was complete, the A3 sedan was the only European vehicle to receive a 5-star ratings from the NHTSA and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). This honor earned Audi the Top-Safety Pick for compact, segment models that were being tested. The tests were conducted as part of the New Car Assessment Program developed by the NHTSA. As required by federal law, these tests provide the public with vital information on rollover safety and crash protection. The possible ratings range between one and five stars, making Audi a beneficiary of the highest-possible ratings for the safety parameters being tested.

Among the technology installed to keep drivers safer is Audi’s pre-sense frontal system. This technology allows the vehicle to detect the need for drivers to make emergency maneuvers and other movements that are necessary to avoid a potential collision. When the sensors are activated, the A3 initiates its occupant-restraint system in addition to other preparatory measures for vehicle collisions. This particular feature comes as part of an Advanced Technology System that also includes Stop and Go, Adaptive Cruise Control and Audi’s Active-Lane Assist.

The five-star safety ratings comes with a number of assurances for drivers that include technological sophistication. Vehicles must also perform above average in a number of other crash tests as well. These tests include four distinct areas of evaluation. These standardized measures assess the resilience of the vehicle in roof strength, head restraints, side collisions and overlap-frontal collisions. Audi has also taken it upon themselves to give these vehicles a number of safety features that are completely new to the world of entry-level, luxury sedans. The innovative installations include a secondary-collision brake assist. This addition protects drivers from the potential dangers of additional collisions with oncoming or nearby traffic after an initial accident. The technology automatically applies brakes to the vehicle immediately after any initial contact with other vehicles or stationary objects on the road.

Drivers are also being drawn towards the A3 and S3 sedan because of changes in aesthetics and vehicle design. All the critics agree that Audi has given these designs a considerable upgrade in sportiness both in the way that they handle and the appearance that they maintain. The turbo, all-wheel drive capability of the new sedan is certainly nothing to take lightly when it comes to speed and performance. The automatic, six-speed transmission gives any daily driver the utility and economy that they desire while holding nothing back in terms of power. The number of features and ability that drivers get for the price is outstanding. While nobody can put a price on safety, this is one area where Audi certainly invested heavily.


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