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Highest Government Crash Safety Rating Goes to 2015 Audi Allroad

Making the Top Grade
To achieve these excellent crash ratings, a number of Audi allroad wagons were wrecked by the testers. In this controlled setting, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that the Audi achieved five stars in three out of four categories, earning it an overall five star rating. In many ways, this is not surprising. Safety is a priority from the drawing board to the final design in every Audi. The 2015 Audi allroad had to pass comprehensive tests in real life and in computer simulations before it was released to the market. This is Audi’s commitment to safety. Models are put through frontal impact, side impact and rear impact crash tests by Audi just as they are at the NHTSA. Ready to prove itself, the Audi allroad easily exceeded expectations in federal testing.

Preserving Human Life
The allroad offers all of the basics that you’d expect, but each feature has been refined for better performance. Pretensioned seatbelts keep passengers in place during a crash. The LATCH system ensures the secure placement of infant carriers, baby car seats, and children’s booster chairs. Airbags blanket the cabin. The special head curtains are Side guards that offer extra protection. The entire allroad body structure is designed to handle crash force and reduce the jarring that can harm passengers.

Staying Safe
At the heart of the Audi allroad, there are electronic sensors that watch for danger. These regulate braking to ensure proper stops even in an emergency. Regulating stability on curves, during turns, or in poor traction situations, the system can move the braking power among the wheels. When necessary, the electronic traction system will reduce speed to achieve balance or stability. The driver won’t notice these subtle handling aids, but they will certainly notice that the allroad handles beautifully. These systems were challenged by the NHTSA testing, but clearly they succeeded in impressing the federal regulators.

The Bigger Picture
From its Xenon headlights to intelligent crash avoidance features, there are many aspects of the Audi that safety testers don’t measure in their assessment. After a crash, for instance, the power locks will automatically unlock, if the airbags deploy. This ensures that frightened occupants can get out, and concerned emergency personnel can get in. The Audi allroad is also one of the few in its class to offer the option of rear side airbags.

Audi Side Assist
Audi Side Assist is designed to reduce the number of side incursion accidents. Not only are these among the most common high speed accidents, but they are also among the deadliest. To make the driver aware of cars in the allroad’s blind spot, Audi Side Assist offers visual warnings. The lights on the side mirrors indicate incoming traffic. If the driver indicates a lane change by turning on the signal, the system responds by flashing to make sure the driver is aware of the possible incursion. Audi Side Assist is managed by two radars that are mounted at the rear. They measure the distance and speed of any approaching cars.

Adaptive Cruise Control
Recognizing that most rear end accidents are caused by cars traveling too close to the car in front, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) seeks to correct this. When you set the Audi ACC system, it will reduce speed as necessary for safety. When traffic conditions allow, it can then resume the speed you prefer. This can reduce the chances of deadly rear end collisions on the highway.

Smart Handling
The allroad is designed to keep you going even when traction challenges try to make you quit. The standard Quattro all-wheel drive makes it easier to cope with snow or mud. You won’t lose traction because this intelligent system will work to keep you going.

Every driver needs to see the road clearly, and every vehicle needs to be clearly seen by approaching motorists. That’s why Audi has put a premium on visibility. The allroad has standard front AND rear foglights, automatic headlights and a headlight washing system. The windshield wipers recognize when it’s raining. The washer nozzle and the side mirrors can be heated. There are extra embedded turn signals to make sure other drivers can see your intentions. Audi also offers adaptive headlights which ensure a better view of the road during curves and turns. These work by measuring the car’s speed, the turn of the steering wheel, and the car’s rotation on its vertical axis.

Many SUVS are on the road today, but the Audi Allroad is one of the select few to have scored five stars in government testing. If you are looking for a safe crossover that will take care of your family, test drive the Audi allroad.



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