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AT&T For Audi Connect in 2015 A3, S3, and Q3 Models

With people constantly connected to the Internet and social media, technology is beginning to adapt for constant connectivity. This includes vehicles. Audi has rolled out a new partnership with the mobile powerhouse AT&T. This partnership is giving owners of the new 2015 A3, S3, and Q3 models connectivity to the Internet. Essentially, it turns the luxury vehicles into a wireless hotspot that connects users on the go. The partnership is the first of its kind, paving the way for the future of vehicle technology.

Audi Connect
This new service is changing the way drivers and passengers enjoy their drive. According to Audi USA News, the service keeps drivers connected to the outside world by providing them with up to date information about the world around them. It is not simply a GPS system, but a fully functioning smart device that connects drivers with the information they need.

The GPS system of Audi Connect is like no other. It is voice activated and incorporates the technology of Google Earth to simulate 3D terrain and typography. Drivers can simply press the talk button in their vehicles to search for destinations, without having to take their eyes off of the road. Instead of a simple vector map with undistinguishable features, drivers are met with a truly unique and beautiful display. Drivers will see an aerial view of their surroundings, helping them to easily identify terrain and better understand their location. The dynamic navigation can display 3D views of buildings to create a distinct and unparalleled driving experience.

Hands Free Google Search
It is imperative for drivers to stay focused on the road. With a voice activated search engine on the Audi Connect, drivers can get the information they need without ever having to take their eyes off the road (or hands off the wheel). According to Extreme Tech, Audi Connect provides drivers with in-depth search results on a number of different things. Drivers can search for telephone numbers, addresses, and hours of various locations. Furthermore, drivers can see customer reviews and pricing data of any hotel or restaurant on their journey. Drivers can easily find a place to stop while on route without ever having to risk their safety.

Real Time Information
Audi Connect can make driving much easier. The system can display useful information about a number of different driving factors, such as traffic and weather delays. The system can even help to find alternate routes to avoid traffic congestion. Furthermore, Audi Connect can help drivers find the best price on fuel. The system collects current gas prices in the vicinity, making it simple for drivers to save money and continue their drive. It can even provide information on available parking spots. The system can identify locations on a simple picture and navigate drivers to the destination. The system can provide fast information on the world outside of the car like no other vehicle can.

AT&T For Audi Connect
The partnership with AT&T has allowed drivers to have this wonderful technology with blazing speeds. It’s the first car to offer fast 4G LTE service in the U.S. – searches and navigation will be instant. In most cases, the speeds offered are faster than that of a smartphone. With fast connectivity, drivers and passengers can enjoy a number of benefits to keep them informed and entertained for the ride.

Wi-Fi Hotspot
With the blazing speed of 4G LTE from AT&T, Audi Connect becomes a hotspot that rivals home connection. According to Audi USA, up to eight passengers can connect to the hotspot at one time. Passengers can use a number of devices, from a laptop to a tablet. They can browse the web or even stream high definition movies. With wireless Internet, the capabilities are endless. Gone are the days of boring road trips. Passengers can easily be entertained for hours. Passengers and drivers will be connected at all times.

Data Plans
AT&T for Audi Connect has provided drivers with multiple options, allowing drivers to pick a plan that suits their needs. Not only that, but owners don’t have to pay monthly. They can choose plans that cover months or years of data usage, ensuring owners that they’ll never have to worry about keeping up with the plan. According to Audi USA News, the plans are as follows:

  • $99 for 5 GB of data over 6 months
  • $499 for 30 GB of data over 30 months
  • $20 for 1 GB of data each month

The data plans are very flexible, allowing drivers to choose the data plan that meets their needs. The plans go into effect on October 1st for the 2015 A3, S3, and Q3 models.

AT&T Mobile Share Plan
For added flexibility and peace of mind, Audi Connect users can add their vehicle to their existing data plan. The AT&T mobile share plan allows families to connect multiple devices to 4G LTE on the same plan. For a mere $10 a month, owners can add their Audi to their mobile share plan. It’s the same price as adding a tablet to the plan. This gives owners complete control of their data plan and increases the flexibility of use. Because mobile share plans come in a number of different usage limitations per month, drivers can easily increase or decrease their plan to accommodate for trips and continued use. AT&T with Audi Connect gives owners the chance to treat their vehicles like another device, handling its data usage how they please.

All in all, Audi has found a way to evolve the way we travel. Instead of being separated from the outside world during a trip, drivers can stay constantly connected to the world around them. They can easily access information they need in a safe and fun system. With added Internet connectivity, the possibilities are endless.


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