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Keyes Audi Honored with the 2013 Magna Society Award

As a recipient of the 2013 Magna Society Award, Keyes Audi exemplifies the core values of the company and is a reflection of the hard work and determination of the general manager, Brian Gelt and his staff. This award was presented to 61 dealerships for demonstrating an outstanding level of customer service while continuing to maintain strong business performance. These dealerships represent the best of the best among all Audi dealers in the U.S.

Audi established the Magna Society so that as Audi continues to invest in their network across the nation the dealerships who rise above the fold and distinguish themselves as top performers have an opportunity to be recognized. In order to qualify for this prestigious award, dealerships must prove that they have maintained a solid foundation based on Audi culture, achieved the highest customer satisfaction ratings and have met or exceeded all sales targets. It is the combination of these criteria that makes this dealership both an asset to the company and to the community which it serves.

“The Audi brand continues to make progress toward the goal of becoming the country’s top luxury automaker”, said Mark Del Rosso, EVP and Chief Operating Officer, Audi of America. “The Annual Magna Society Awards recognize those dealers that lead by example through a successful business model and help drive the goals of the entire Audi brand.” These words are the model that Magna Award recipients adhere to.

The Magna Awards fit in with the long term goals of the company to establish more exclusive Audi dealers. In 1999, there were only 15 exclusive Audi dealerships in the country. By 2013, that number had ballooned to 161, a testament to the core foundation of the company and the excellence of the dealership staff. The Magna Awards provide something above and beyond traditional recognition and gives winning dealerships something to proudly boast about to their customers, that they have consistently demonstrated excellence in their fields.

Keyes Audi, as one of the 2013 Magna Society Award dealers in California, shows what is possible with strong leadership, guiding principles from a responsible and growing company and a team of talented individuals dedicated to providing the best customer service in the country. A repeat winner from 2012, Keyes Audi has been delivering this level of service for years and has demonstrated consistent excellence among not just the Audi brand, but the entire luxury car industry.

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