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AT&T and Audi Announce Pricing for In-Vehicle 4G LTE Connectivity

When determining which luxury car is right for you, it’s oftentimes difficult to take a deep look into the plethora of vehicles available on the market. Often what matters most are the features available inside the vehicle. Thankfully, there’s a relatively new feature being distributed into vehicles. This feature is known as 4G LTE, which allows for full connectivity even when on the go. What has been tied solely to tablets and smartphones is now available in your personal vehicle due to a new partnership between Audi and AT&T. Here’s a look at what all of that means.

What is 4G LTE and how will it Be Used in Audi Vehicles?

Announced all the way back in the beginning of January, 2014, Audi and AT&T have gathered to bring 4G LTE technology to select models of Audi vehicles. But what exactly is 4G LTE? 4G LTE technology is a step above 3G tech, as it allows for faster internet and data speeds. 3G had been around for nearly a decade and was simply becoming too slow for most users, thus 4G LTE was born. In general, 4G speeds are said to be around ten times faster than 3G speeds. If you are looking to download a video or listen to a song or even watch a movie, you will be able to do so in a matter of seconds with 4G LTE technology.

As for how it will be used in Audi vehicles, there are a few areas that it could add substantial benefits to the customer. In fact, Audi displayed a number of these benefits when the partnership with AT&T was announced. The 4G LTE connectivity will allow for quick picture navigation, a variety of social media capabilities and even app integration that delivers access to over 7,000 web radio stations. You can also have news headlines read aloud to you in an instant with this technology. Overall, it is designed to give you all the tools you need to stay connected even when in your car.

Pricing Information

Announced by Audi and AT&T at the beginning of March, there are a few pricing options for those looking to use this service. There are officially two plans available, $99 for 6 months and $499 for 30 months. In regards to the latter plan, there’s not much difference in price between the two, as they will both average drivers around $17 per month, with a few cents savings on the 30 month option.

There is some pertinent data cap information everyone should be aware of. The first plan has a cap of 5 gigabytes, while the second has a cap of 30. This is also not on a per month basis, but on a per plan basis. As with most data plans, there will be overage costs if you happen to exceed the allotted caps. As a benefit, users are able to share this data with others by utilizing the AT&T Mobile Share plan.

Vehicles With 4G LTE Technology

As the Audi in-vehicle 4G LTE is the first ever among other makes and models of vehicles, this technology is only available with Audi at the moment. It is officially paired with the 2015 Audi A3, which is the only car it can be found in. It is said that GM is looking to place this 4G LTE technology into a number of their Chevy models by the end of 2014, though it remains to be seen if this happens.

Although the A3 is the only vehicle with this technology, Audi has made it clear that it is simply meant as a debut of 4G LTE and that the technology will be placed into the rest of their models as they are refreshed and redesigned.




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