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Audi Looking to Grow the Audi TT Family

The Audi TT family is getting a new look. The debut at Geneva Motor Show in February represents the first public view of what is certain to become a crowd-pleaser. This will be the third generation of the popular sports car line, which will start appearing soon alongside the current Audi TT family in showrooms nationwide.

Exterior Style
Audi calls it a Shooting Brake body. First revealed at the Detroit Auto Show, the style has made waves with its unique visual elements. The new sports coupe will sport a contoured hood with the emblem resting on the hood’s nose. Broad and flat, the grille is a single frame expertly offset by the remarkable matrix LED lighting. Carefully-placed struts add reflection at key front and rear points. Every aspect seems to add to the dynamics and tension of the design. The new coupe profile is reminiscent of the original TT with lines that flow in and out of geometric shapes.

Interior Style
The new interior reflects the original first-gen TT, but it builds on the expressive interior of the current TT line. The virtual cockpit technology, leather seating and sporty feel, make the TT both fun and luxurious. Audi engineers have styled the dash to give it a light and floating feeling that seems right at home in a sports car. The central MMI monitor is gone, allowing the engineers to trim the dash to just the right size. Round air vents add to the feeling that this car was built with a racing heart.

Eliminating the need for the MMI monitor, the expansive TFT screen sits behind the steering wheel. This displays everything from technical car details to audio systems to navigation. The driver has the ability to change to another screen with ease. Car and Driver has already put these instruments to the test. Its reviewers note the “greater functionality”, proclaiming it “easier to use.” Car and Driver reviewers also noted that the navigation system reacts more quickly, requiring less time for input.

The all-wheel drive Audi TT has already gained notice for its ability to deliver sporty driving while still delivering traction when the roads are bad. The new TT will continue this tradition, providing consumers with a real choice when it comes to sports cars. The new powertrain should build on the prowess of the current engine. Currently, the 2014 Audi TT family offers a remarkable 220 horsepower engine with a six-speed transmission. Torque races at 285 lb.-ft. This is a two-liter inline four cylinder turbo-charged unit providing maximum power while minimizing fuel use. In fact, fuel economy is remarkable: 31 mpg/highway. The six-speed transmission offers the ease of an automatic with the fun of a manual.

The Audi TT Family
The current Audi TT family includes a two-seat convertible and a four-seat coupe, and the new TT line will continue these body types. The convertible has a soft-top with a multi-layer lid that keeps the weather out. In fifteen seconds, the power top drops back. With the top up or down, the convertible offers a remarkable 8.8 cubic feet of cargo space, making it more generous than its competitors. The coupe’s hatchback opens wide to provide access a generous 13 cubic feet of space. Drivers can fold the seats and increase the cargo hold to 24.7 cubic feet.

TT Standards and Options
The new line will build on the current line’s emphasis on luxury standards. Leather upholstery with soft suede-simulated accents offer beauty plus comfort. Prominent side bolsters help drivers stay put while moving forward at a sport car pace. The automatic-control climate system, 12-speaker Bose audio system and Bluetooth are standard. The S-Line adds sport suspension and special interior and exterior detailing.

Audi is racing to put the new TT line before the public, even as the existing Audi TT family continues to impress reviewers.


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