Audi Progressive Retail Experience Aims to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Dealer Efficiency

According to Audi of America News Channel, Audi is introducing the Audi Progressive Retail Experience, a selection of digital tools designed to improve customer satisfaction and dealer efficiency. These new digital tools are aimed at improving the sales and service areas.

One set of applications focuses on offering potential customers an improved sales experience by providing clients with an engaging and entertaining learning experience. Clients will have access to the Audi Sales Assist iPad app, featuring pictures, videos and animations of exciting new Audi vehicles. Clients will be able to compare Audi vehicle specifications to other Audi models as well as competitor vehicles. Customers will also be able to personalize Audi vehicles and search dealer inventory. Potential customers can also use finance tools to view vehicle pricing and payment options. An additional delivery tool application allows dealers to keep track of clients and the vehicle purchased. This application makes it easier for dealers to follow up with customers and offer assistance with complex vehicle features.

The other set of applications focuses on providing existing customers with an improved service experience. Audi is improving and streamlining processes by implementing desktop, mobile and hardware tools intended to increase customer satisfaction. All dealerships will receive an expansion to their current Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) capabilities. These updates will allow the dealership to get customer and vehicle information immediately upon the vehicle’s arrival to the facility. Vehicle information is then transmitted to an application which will populate vehicle information directly to the repair order. This technology will allow dealers to quickly update the repair order with repair details. All vehicles will be accessible in this application which will make the management of loaner vehicles more efficient. Furthermore, the dealership will be able to get real-time service status updates. This will allow dealerships to give customers better estimates in regards to the projected completion of vehicle repairs.

Dealerships are focusing on using innovation to improve customer experience. The new tools have been developed to enhance the efficiency of the sales and service departments. These tools give new customers the ability to design and compare Audi vehicles. Other tools help the service department get vehicle information faster, which enables them to provide the customer with more accurate information. This is a great time to be an Audi customer!


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