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The Audi Q-Series: An Expanding Family

Audi has seen a huge amount of success with the release of their Q Series models. So much so, that they plan on expanding upon this success by releasing new designs for SUV buyers. In addition to expanding upon their SUV platforms, Audi plans on releasing a design that makes their vehicles accessible to people working with every kind of budget.

The Audi Q1 is set to roll off the production lines starting in the year 2016. It is not just affordability that Audi has in mind with this new release; designers are crafting an entire line of SUVs that will broaden their customer base dramatically over the next few years. The SUV platform will be the focus of the vehicles coming from Audi along with the revolutionary engine design that they have in store as well. Audi has expertly engineered a transverse, modular system that will debut as the foundation of the Q1.

A Bright Future Ahead
Audi’s plans for expanding their line of SUVs is looking all the way ahead to 2020. By this time, the 49 models that currently available should expand to a considerable 60 models, all designed to entice the eager, SUV shopper. In terms of sales, Audi is expecting to see numbers that are close to two million automobiles per year. The plans for bringing the Q1 to the average driver also comes as an effort to take full advantage of the potential of the manufacturing capabilities that currently go unfulfilled at their Ingolstadt, Germany site. The effort that will be poured into this manufacturing site is also going to give Audi the ability to push this plant into the lead as the premier site of technological development for this automotive manufacturer. This commitment to the plant also serves as means for securing jobs in the region for their committed employees as well.

Resources Rated For Success
At this time, the Q series models represent the leading vehicles in sales for Audi in the global market. Over the past year, Q series sales have risen by an estimated 17 percent. Once the new releases start to go into production, it is expected that 35 percent of their resources will be shifting gears in this direction. To date, Audi has already produced 1.5 million models of the Q-family of autos.

Ratings and Rumors
The Q1 has been characterized by many as a “Soft SUV” that will be in steep competition with the MINI Cooper Countryman. Little information has been released by Audi concerning the exact configuration of the engine and the power that will be built into it. Despite the lack of information, there has still been plenty of speculation based on what we have seen in the other Audi Q series vehicles on the market. There is little doubt, however, that extremely high levels of efficiency will be at work whether they be in the form of diesel or petrol. A turbo engine is expected with a capacity that ranges between two and three liters. The release is still being referred to by the manufacturer as the ideal vehicle to round out the bottom end of the Audi Q Series.


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