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4G LTE Audi Connected Car

Staying connected is important in today’s society. With the help of cell phones, tablets, and social media the ability to stay connected has become an easy task in many places except for a vehicle. Drivers and passengers find that internet connection is limited while taking a ride a vehicle. That all has changed with Audi Connect, as drivers and passengers are now able to stay connected while in an automobile.

What is Audi Connect?
Audi Connect is a technology that allows the car to be connected to a secure high speed internet connection. This secure high speed internet connection creates many benefits for the driver and riders.

  • Wi-Fi – With Audi Connect there is no longer a need to rely on an unsecured internet connection or the unstable connection of a phone acting as a Wi-Fi hotspot. With Audi connect; the car becomes the Wi-Fi hotspot allowing the driver availability to the internet and also the passengers.
  • Google Earth – Audi drivers and passengers are able to retrieve satellite images of their destination. View terrains, neighborhoods, 3D buildings and get familiar with your surroundings before reaching your destination
  • Google Maps – Decrease the amount of frustration and driving time with the help of Good Maps. Google Maps helps to provide directions, locate businesses, and even view maps while driving in your Audi vehicle.
  • Google Voice – With the help of Google Voice, individuals can keep their eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel at all times. Some accidents occur because drivers get distracted for just a second. Instead of typing in directions or inputting your location to find a gas station, let your voice do the typing. Google voice allows you to speak the commands.
  • Information Services – This feature allows you to stay informed about current affairs, businesses, and even landmarks. The information services also gives updated fuel prices for individuals that enjoy saving at the pump

Audi previously offered this service at 3G speeds but now, with enhanced technology 4G LTE services will soon be available.

The Enhanced 4G LTE
Audi drivers and riders will now be able to utilize the Audi Connect at a speed that they are accustomed to. The standard speed for cellular phones and other mobile devices is 4G LTE. This allows for faster downloads, higher resolution video streaming for up to eight devices, and quicker page connections. The 4G LTE speeds will allow songs and apps to download in seconds; also the passengers will be able to enjoy a movie that is clear and crisp. This will contribute to children being quiet for long trips and other passengers being pleasured by infotainment. With Audi Connect 4G LTE navigation system updates, apps, and internet media can be downloaded without having to connect to a faster internet connection available at one’s home. 4G LTE offers speed, security, and ease for Audi drivers and riders.

Featured Models
The 4G LTE service will only be available in Audi A3 models. The A3 models will be the first to have this new enhanced service and will be available in spring of 2014.

Technology continues to change every day, why not drive a vehicle that embraces this change. Audi Connect with 4G LTE service will allow you to drive a luxury vehicle that includes a technology that can make your driving experience less stressful and more convenient. With Audi Connect 4G LTE, you can also create a riding experience for your passengers that are pleasurable and relaxing.


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