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Why Choose Audi Park Assist?

Have you ever found the perfect parking spot, only to realize halfway through parking that your vehicle is not going to fit? Or maybe you’ve given up on a parallel parking spot after minutes of trying maneuvering your vehicle into the spot. Whether you’re parked on the curb, too far in the street or too close to another vehicle, tricky parking situations can make you doubt your ability as a driver. In order to curb this inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing moment, many car manufacturers have added rearview cameras as an attempt to aid in the parking process. However, Audi has gone even further by installing Park Assist technology in all their new vehicles.

With Audi Park Assist, Audi vehicles actually park themselves. By pressing the park assist button, and aligning correctly in your surroundings, enhanced sensors located along the vehicles bumpers are activated. The enhanced sensors use ultrasound or cameras located within the vehicle’s on-board monitor to observe the vehicles surroundings. The sensors will then use the Park Assist technology to create a path and takes over the vehicles steering. The driver is still responsible for accelerating, shifting gears and applying the brakes, though Park Assist aids the driver in doing so. During parking, as objects get closer to the vehicle, the technology will alert the driver with a mild alarm.

Maybe parallel parking isn’t the problem, but depth perception is. Audi Park assist can help with this too. The technology will actually scan the streets with the vehicles side-mounted sensors and find a spot it knows the vehicle can fit in. When Park Assist has found a spot large enough for the vehicle, it will notify the driver with a message shown upon the on-board monitor. The driver can then shift the vehicle into reverse and Park Assist will take over the system again to perfectly park the vehicle.

Park Assist can also find and park in traditional perpendicular spots as well, using the same regimen as parallel parking. The side-mounted sensors scan for a spot, alert the driver when one is found and then use the sensors to back in flawlessly. In addition to Park Assist, new Audi models also offer surround view cameras, which allow the driver to pull up different camera perspectives on the monitor to not only help with parking, but also when visibility is low.

Never worry about the hassles of parking again. Audi Park Assist is available on most new Audi models. Contact Keyes Audi today to test Park Assist out!


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